Each homeschooling family is unique, with specific needs and concerns.  But I do see a few common concerns amongst homeschoolers.

Oftentimes homeschool moms seem to feel overwhelmed with managing their homeschool planning and record-keeping as well as managing their home and the many needs at home. I remember this being a struggle for me as well.

There’s a lot to juggle!

We need to keep up with making meals each day…hungry kids mean unhappy kids, right?

We also need to keep the house semi-organized and clean so it’s a healthy and safe environment for the kids.  But with homeschooling, we’re home nearly 24/7, and with our homes being very “lived in”, it can be hard to keep up with the mess, right?!  Most homeschool moms struggle with this!

As kids get older, we have their schedules to keep straight as well as our own… we need a master planning sheet to make sure we don’t miss any appointments or lessons!

And these are just the normal mom things we need to do… add on homeschool planning, teaching, and record-keeping, and we can feel overwhelmed.

I struggled with these things too when I was homeschooling.  Over the years,  I developed some great resources and ideas that worked to make things run more smoothly for me in our home and in our homeschool.

 I started to share these resources with the moms I met with and found that many were greatly encouraged and helped by applying the ideas I shared. 

I realized that this could be helpful to more homeschoolers, and so with God’s help (and the help of several others!) I’ve put together “The Homeschool Life: All-in-One Planner” for homeschool moms!

Introducing The Homeschool Life: All-in-One Planner!

I’m so excited to introduce The Homeschool Life: All-in-One Planner to homeschool families because I believe it will truly help relieve some of the stress and anxiety that comes along with managing a home and homeschool.

The benefit of having a planner like this is that information on all aspects of the home can be found in one place!

This planner has a section for family planning, which includes calendars (both monthly and weekly) and important contact information and health information as well as “to do” lists. There are chore chart samples and suggestions for age-appropriate chores for each age.  There is also a chart and planning sheet for meals, to help you think through your weekly plans for meals on a weekly basis.

The next section is on goal setting and can be used to help you figure out the direction your family wants to go with homeschooling and in the discipleship of your children.  There are several pages of information for developing a missions statement and setting goals for your homeschool, your family,  and each individual child.

The third section is on school planning and record-keeping.  This section is a wealth of information to help make sure you’re keeping the right records for your state. There are several tips on how to keep good records, and also how to do school planning for each week.  There are sheets to record your curriculum used each year, what field trips you went on and what books you read.  There are weekly assignment sheets that can be used for planning your school week and also for keeping a record of what you’ve done each week.

The best part of the school planning & record-keeping section is that there’s an excel spreadsheet that will allow you to input the scores your students are receiving in each subject and it will automatically calculate their grade for you!  (This excel spreadsheet is  also on a flash drive so it can be downloaded to your computer.)

The last section is for your own personal spiritual growth. This is an important section because as homeschool moms we need to be getting our strength and encouragement from the Lord, and if we aren’t spending time with Him, it’s more difficult to persevere through the hard times.   This section includes a devotional for homeschool moms specifically, meant to encourage you in your walk with the Lord and in your role as a homeschool mom.  There are also journaling sheets and prayer request sheets to use for your own personal spiritual growth.

Along with the planner, you receive a flash drive with templates for all the consumable documents in the planner!

You can reprint documents as needed. With this flash drive, you should never need to purchase another planner again!  The only document you might need to reproduce on your own would be the monthly calendars, which you can find in Excel under the template section when you open a new document.

My prayer is that these planners will help you as a homeschool mom to have all the important information at your fingertips! All in one binder, so it’s easy to access.

I’ll be selling these planners at the MACHE conference this year, and after the conference, I’ll be making them available to buy online. Come and check them out if you’re at the conference this year!  And watch for it to become available here on my website soon…